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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Tells You How To Buy A Whole Cabinet

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The cabinet is one of the hallmarks of the modern kitchen. The purchase of cabinets is a top priority in home decoration. In order to save trouble, most families now choose to buy whole cabinets. So how can we buy the cabinet correctly? Let’s share the cabinet with the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers .

After selecting the style of the cabinet in the furniture market, the merchants will measure the size and draw the outline of the whole cabinet on the wall. After the decoration team completes the wall decoration, it can be installed. Of course, if you want to save money, you can also build cabinets on the spot. The materials used are mainly large core plates and keels. The countertops can be made of stone or fireproof.

Buying a whole cabinet involves three issues:

(1) Which pricing method is the most cost-effective?

Most of the domestic cabinets are priced according to the length of the meter. The price of each cabinet is the price of the cabinet and the price of the cabinet. In most cases, the lengths of the upper and lower cabinets of the cabinet are different. Different manufacturers will mark the unit price of the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet according to different proportions, and some will be calculated according to 4:6 (that is, the unit price of the upper cabinet is per metre. 40% of the quotation, and some are calculated according to 3:7. Because under normal circumstances, the length of the upper cabinet will be less than the length of the lower cabinet, so the proportion of the upper cabinet is high, which is more favorable to consumers. If the cabinet is the same condition, 4:6 is cheaper than 3:7. In addition, the domestic high-end cabinets and imported cabinets are based on the cabinet pricing method, which is the price of the cabinets. The reason for this difference is that because the Chinese people have too many individual choices, the cabinet factory cannot achieve mass production. The foreign cabinets are assembled with standard cabinets. The standard cabinets are mass-produced, and it is necessary to give each product a price.

(2) Where to buy cabinets is the most cost-effective?

Technically speaking, the craftsmanship and materials of cabinet manufacturers are similar. Because Chinese families have higher requirements for the personalization of cabinets, large manufacturers have no production cost advantage. Therefore, one of the principles of buying cabinets is low prices. When visiting the market, we will find that the same configuration of cabinets, some businesses sell 4,000 yuan, and some businesses sell 2,000 yuan. The difference between the two is actually the cost of the exhibition hall. At the same time, since the installation of cabinets involves water and electricity, the second principle of choosing cabinets is to choose a service with high quality.

(3) How is the size of the cabinet determined?
There are a long period of time between the determination of the cabinet and the finished product. The specific process is:

1 determine the style, style, payment
2 cabinet designers to the site to measure the size, determine the cabinet sketch
3 Hydropower construction, bricklayer tiling, kitchen ceiling, please change gas pipe
4 cabinet designers once again come to the door for accurate measurement, re-drawing the drawings, this drawing is the real production drawing
5 full cabinets, the cabinet company is cutting production. Production time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, mostly between 15-30 days
6 installation

special reminder:
(1) Cabinet hardware is like the joint of the cabinet, which is related to the smoothness of the entire cabinet and the product life. Therefore, the quality of hardware should not be underestimated when purchasing cabinets. At the same time, the high-end cabinet hardware with complex functions is used as little as possible, not only expensive, but also invisible.
(2) Whether it is to buy the whole cabinet or look for woodwork to make cabinets, some products that need to be determined in advance are best purchased before construction. If you have not had time to purchase the above products before construction, you can let the construction workers wait for a while before starting work. If the range hood is to be bought in advance, the position of the range hood can be accurately reserved when measuring the size of the cabinet. Otherwise, it is likely to cause a large gap between the two, which affects the aesthetics of the kitchen; when installing the marble countertop, the gas stove and the pool should also be purchased, so that the appropriate position can be cut on the stone.
(3) If you are looking for woodwork to make cabinets, you should also measure the size of the basket in the base cabinet to make a suitable partition for the base cabinet.

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